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  • Narwhal Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Narwhal Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Narwhal Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Narwhal Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
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Narwhal Plush

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      "You will cuddle it for hours!"

      Are you in need of a hug? We all go through our ups and downs, and it is okay – as long as we have a proper way to express our feelings. Meet Narwhal Plush: our new plushie made to offer cuddles and friendly support during both good and bad days. It is here to show you that everybody is worthy of warmness, friendship and kindness; especially yourself – Let this adorable squishy new friend prove it to you!

      We made sure to provide enough softness with the best material possible, and to aesthetically turn this cute Narwhal Plush into a toy whose hugs you won’t be able to resist. Choose the color and mood that best describes you and adopt your Narwhal friend today!

      Bonus features you get: a friend for a lifetime with wisdom of a listener and endless positivity! Through the good times and bad ones too—Narwhal Plush is there to support you!

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