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  • Fox Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Fox Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Fox Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
  • Fox Plush - MDYOCTPS Store
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Fox Plush

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      "You will cuddle it for hours!"

      Are you looking for a new plushie friend? Our new Fox Plush is ready to make a new friendship with you that will last for a lifetime! Its adorable hugs will make your days brighter and happier, adding a dimension of joy and fun into any moment spent with this plush! It is proven to help with any form of emotional distress, causing relief and bringing more warmness to its owner! Isn’t a friend who gives unconditional hugs the best one to have?

      Hugs aren’t the only thing this Fox Plush can provide, as its soft material resembling fur gives comfort and encourages you to not only embrace the toy, but your feelings too. Reverse the plushie so it reflects how you feel – think outside the fox! Choose between unique designs and fun color patterns we offer for this one and only Fox Plush friend. Make it your best friend of a lifetime who will support you no matter what.

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