originalplushies.com is an online store that sells plushies with a purpose! Every plushie comes with its own special message of love and encouragement to help the receiver feel better about themselves and the world we live in. The company was founded in late 2020 when it became clear that there was a need for something soft, squishy, and adorable to help people who suffer from stress or anxiety. Since then, we have helped tens of thousands of people around the world through our reversible plushies, all while maintaining their friendly tone of voice.

Our mission

The best plushies on the internet. We strive to sell high-quality, cute, and soft plushies. Our reversible plushies features durable, soft, and squishy materials which will hold its shape even after years!
Our cute reversible plushies are a great gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife. Simply - it's a great gift for anybody who loves cute and soft plushies.